4EU+ Alliance

Subsidy for participation in 4EU+ Alliance meetings & joint events and/or organisation of 4EU+ meetings & joint events at the University of Warsaw



  1. Participation of employees of the University of Warsaw in workshops related to 4EU+ Flagship Programmes , project seminars and other meetings and joint events organised as part of cooperation with partner universities belonging to the 4EU+ Alliance , i.e. the University of Sorbonne, the University of Heidelberg, the Charles University in Prague, the University of Milan and the University of Copenhagen.
  2. Organisation of workshops related to 4EU+ Flagship Programmes, project seminars and other meetings, including meetings for administrative staff, at the University of Warsaw


Employees of faculties or in basic units of the University of Warsaw, who have established scientific, didactic or supporting student activities cooperation under the 4EU+ Alliance.  As a rule, the project team should be represented at the meeting either by the coordinator or by a person indicated by the coordinator.

Administrative staff from the University of Warsaw can apply for funding to cover the cost of their travel and participation in meetings and workshops for administrative staff of the six 4EU+ Alliance institutions. They can obtain financial support for their participation in project development meetings, 4EU+ Working Groups’ meetings as well as peer learning activities and thematic workshops aimed at exploring opportunities for closer cooperation.

PLEASE NOTE: Persons who plan to develop cooperation within the 4EU+ Alliance may also apply for a grant to finance the costs of participation in workshops or seminars, provided they deliver adequate justification for the planned cooperation, the subject of the envisaged joint project and intended partners from universities belonging to the 4EU+ Alliance (point 10 Annex No. 6);

Subject of support: Participation in 4EU+ workshops, dedicated seminars, meetings & joint events, including those organised as part of 4EU+ Flagship Programmes; Organisation of 4EU+ dedicated project thematic seminars/workshops/meetings & other joint events.

Scope of support:

  1. Coverage of travel costs, i.e. travel / flight costs (2nd class / economic class), accommodation costs, daily allowances;
  2. Costs of organisation of 4EU+ dedicated project thematic seminars/workshops/meetings or other joint events.

Conditions for obtaining support: Submission of an application according to Annex no. 6 , including information on, among others, (a) the purpose and travel period as well as planned costs, along with an e-mail confirmation by the meeting Organiser of the acceptance of the applicant’s participation in a given event; (b) in case of applying for funding for the meeting organisation, a preliminary programme of the meeting (incl. place/venue, start and end dates) should be attached to Annex no. 6.

Evaluation: Projects will be verified in formal terms by the employees of the Vice-Rector’s Secretariat for Research. The final decision will be taken by the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations;

Co-financing amount: It is determined individually for each project, however, in principle, in case of one-day events, the amount should not exceed 3,000 Polish zloty (PLN);

Examination of the application: applications meeting the formal requirements will be examined within 14 days from the submission date;

Condition for awarding grants: Obtaining a consent for participation in a given 4EU+ meeting from Dean’s or Head’s of the UW basic unit; Presenting an estimate of organisation costs of the 4EU+ meeting or event to be organised at the University of Warsaw (the estimate should be based on actual costs);

Settlement of subsidies: Assigned funds under a targeted subsidy are subject to settlement at the faculty or at an extra-faculty unit, respectively. The substantive settlement takes place by submitting to the Office of the Vice-Rector’s for Research and International Relations (in hard copy, as well as by e-mail to: prorektornauka@adm.uw.edu.pl) a written meeting report (max. 1200 characters), laying out the meeting results/conclusions and plans for future cooperation under the 4EU+ Alliance. The report should be submitted together with a copy of the business trip cost settlement (rachunek kosztów podróży) or the event organisation costs settlement, as appropriate, approved by the Faculty/Unit and Bursar’s Office, within 30 days from returning from a given meeting or organising the local 4EU+ meeting or joint event;

Complete applications shall be submitted throughout the year to the Secretariat of the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, in the Kazimierzowski Palace on the Central Campus, 1st floor, room no. 13 (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00) and by e-mail to the address: prorektornauka@adm.uw.edu.pl with a copy to the following address: Justyna.Piecha@adm.uw.edu.pl
Please address all questions regarding applications to Ms. Justyna Piecha from the Secretariat of the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations: Justyna.Piecha@adm.uw.edu.pl phone: +48 22 55 20 350.


Additional information:

Ø  One person can participate in only one of the four workshops organized for flagship projects, but in a larger number of thematic project seminars (no more than three), if he provides adequate justification in point 10 of Annex no. 6;

Ø  Workshops and seminars are one-day events, therefore the subsidy covers the cost of one night’s accommodation. In exceptional cases, one may apply for grants to fund participation in events longer than one day or to participate in several consecutive one-day project meetings. To this end, a justification must be provided in the grant application (in point 10 of Annex no. 6).

Ø  Information on the conduct of foreign business trips by UW employees.