• Objective: increasing the potential of the University of Warsaw for being awarded international research grants.
  • Beneficiaries: domestic and foreign researchers (employed or not employed at the University of Warsaw) with recognised scientific achievements, planning to obtain a prestigious international grant within a period not exceeding 24 months (preferably applying for ERC grants or Horizon 2020 project coordination). The grant will be implemented in a basic unit of the University of Warsaw.
  • Support duration: up to 24 months.
  • Eligibility criteria: submitting an application as in Annex no. 1 containing information relating to the Applicant’s achievements, as well as a plan and schedule of activities aimed at obtaining a prestigious international grant. Written support of the application by the head of the Unit in which the project will be carried out is obligatory in particular in case of a request for reduction of the teaching load or for employment at the UW Unit.
  • Examples of projects: mobility abroad to receive substantive support from eminent researchers, reducing the teaching load, financing part of the remuneration for holding a post in a unit of the University of Warsaw, initial research necessary to provide substantive justification to an application, covering the costs of obtaining an opinion on an application, etc.
  • Evaluation: projects will be evaluated by experts who have implemented prestigious research programmes. The process of evaluation will be composed of two stages: evaluation of information contained in Annex No.1 and an interview. The final decision will be made by the Vice-Rector for Research.
  • Grant amount: established individually, depending on the project. It should not exceed PLN 50,000 per year.
  • Application processing time: 60 days of submission.
  • Precondition for implementation: having been awarded a grant, an Applicant has to obtain consent for the implementation of the project in a specific unit from the Dean or the manager of the basic unit of the University of Warsaw.
  • Number of grants: not more than 10 per year.
  • Employment prospects: in individual cases, an offer of further cooperation with the University of Warsaw and of an indefinite employment contract may be presented after the end of the grant period.


  1. Complete applications shall be submitted under this ongoing call to the Secretariate of the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations to the following e-mail address:
  2. Settlement of the subsidy: The financial resources awarded are settled respectively at the faculty or extra-faculty unit. Technical settlement takes place by sending the report on the implementation of activities under the project to the following an e-mail address: after the project completion and within 30 days after submitting the declared application for a prestigious grant along with a confirmation of that fact. Along with the technical report, a copy of the financial statement approved by the Plenipotentiary of the Bursar at the Unit or by the Bursar should be submitted in the form of the table specifying planned expenditures vs. expenses actually incurred. Discrepancies in the cost statement require annotation explaining reasons for that.
  3. An additional condition for the final settlement of the subsidy awarded may be the imposition of an obligation on the applicant to submit an application to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the „Grants for Grants” call in order to refund the above mentioned costs in the maximum possible amount, i.e. in whole or in part depending on the current requirements of the above call. The application must be submitted to the Ministry no later than 60 days from the date of receipt of the final evaluation of the project application by the European Commission, the relevant EU executive agency (e.g. ERCEA) and/or the invitation to the 2nd stage of the ERC grant competition. In this case, the information will be included in the subsidy notification letter.
  4. Information about awarded funds will be posted twice a year (in June and December) on the website of the Research Administration Office (
  5. Funds awarded as part of designated subsidies must be accounted for (substantive settlements are to be accompanied by a list of expenditures signed by the Bursar’s plenipotentiary at the Faculty/the extra-faculty Unit within 30 days of project completion).